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絵画シリーズ《再編層》は積み重ねた本の断面(小口)を描いた作品である。その本の小口と自分の間に絵を置いて対峙した時、初めて見えてくるものがある。そこには些細だが、驚きが隠されている。本の小口は、近年のコンピュータ やタブレットなどのデジタルデータでは失われてしまった情報・物語の質量を示すものでもあり、焼けた紙には経過した時間の厚みも刻印され、ページ編成や図版の配置などによって偶然的にストライプパターンが浮かび上がる。まるで本の無意識がにじみ出ているかのようだ。


Re-edited Layers

The painting series Re-edited Layers depicts a cross-section of a stack of books. When you place the painting between the small end of the book and yourself and confront it, you can see something for the first time. There is a small but surprising surprise hidden there. The small edge of a book shows the mass of information and stories that have been lost in recent years in digital data such as computers and tablets, and the thickness of time that has passed is also imprinted on the burnt paper, and a stripe pattern emerges by chance depending on the organization of the pages and the arrangement of the illustrations. It is as if the unconsciousness of the book is oozing out.


In fact, even a small paperback book is made up of 200-300 sheets of paper. The surface of the small opening, made up of an accumulation of delicate lines and shadows, reminded me of the high-resolution photographs of Saturn's rings taken in recent years. There was a moment when I felt that it resembled the bizarre tension and magnificence of Saturn's rings, which could be described as an accidental inevitability created by gravity.

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